Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Woman keeps her faith after stroke

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Photo courtesy morgueFileGeneva suffered a stroke three weeks before Labor Day, and she was determined to alter her lifestyle.

“I don’t want to have another stroke,” she told her husband, Garth.

Geneva began eating more fruits and vegetables, and she started walking about two miles every day.

Geneva suffered no major long-term effects from the stroke, and she was very grateful to the Lord for this blessing. “I’m still able to drive my car and teach my Sunday school class,” she said.

Geneva also continued shooting hoops with her son, Gabe, a couple of times each week. “You know, Mom, I think you shoot the basketball even better now than you did before,” Gabe said. “And you always were a good shooter.”

“Just be sure you remember this lesson, Son,” said Geneva. “Don’t ever let adverse situations keep you from doing your best for God or from living your life to its fullest.”

“You’re so smart, Mom,” said Gabe.

“Thank you, Son,” said Geneva. “That‘s very kind.”

“Mom, may I please ask you a question?,” asked Gabe.

“Sure, Son,” replied Geneva.

“The company where you work was closed for Labor Day,” said Gabe. “Why did they close?”

“Many companies close on Labor Day,” said Geneva, “to give their employees a well-deserved day of rest. It’s like an extra day of vacation. Some of us work so hard that we really need an extra day off work every once in a while.”

“I know what you mean, Mom,” said Gabe. “As a student, I appreciate it when fall break and spring break arrive every year.”

“I guess it’s kind of the same thing,” agreed Geneva.

Geneva told her son that another great thing about this year’s Labor Day holiday occurred after the holiday break. “When we went back to work on Tuesday, the company treated us to lunch at a great restaurant,” she said. “Then the company wrote a check for the same amount as the cost of the lunch and donated the money to the local orphanage.”

“It’s great to see that the Lord doesn’t take a holiday on Labor Day,” said Gabe.

“God never takes a day off,” said Garth. “He’s always on he job, and He’s always right on time when He answers prayer.”

“Dad, you’re as smart as mom,” said Gabe. “How did I manage to get parents who are so intelligent?”

“All I know is that is one blessing the Lord must have known you could handle,” said Geneva.

“It’s a great blessing,” said Gabe. “And since you had your stroke, I’ve come to a conclusion about something. I hope I never have a stroke. But if I do, I sure hope I maintain my trust in God as well as you have. He is in control of everything, and He deserves all of our praise.”

“Amen to that!,” said Garth.

“Amen!,” echoed Geneva. “Amen!”

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