Monday, December 6, 2010

The Importance of Family Bible Reading

Photo courtesy FlickrOne of the greatest blessings God has given us is His Word, the Bible. The Bible truly is the inspired word of God. When you read the Bible, it's as if you are reading words that God's hand penned just for you.

The Bible is a roadmap with information pertaining to every aspect of life. Not only does it teach us how to be productive Disciples, but it teaches us how to be a successful spouse, a loving parent, a good employee, and much more. In addition, the Bible gives us examples as well as instructions to make it easier for those of us who are 'slow learners' (i.e., more stubborn than the rest).

The Bible is the most unique and most wonderful manual on how to live the human life that has ever been written. But if we don't read the Bible and study it, we will never discover the inestimable riches it contains. Nor will we learn how to live as we were designed to live.

Family Bible reading offers a number of benefits. It's a tremendous way for families to bond together by reading, discussing and learning what scripture says about all facets of life. It's also essential for living a Christian life, for developing and growing your faith and for molding your beliefs. There is a multitude of stories and parables for building character and teaching morals, and lessons for living.

If you've ever been in church, you've certainly heard stories from the Bible. But the only way to know if those stories are true and really happened as the minister described is to read the stories for yourself. Knowing what the Bible really says makes us more faithful and powerful witnesses to God's grace in our lives. And it has a much stronger impact on non-believers we might hope to convince of the Truth of the scriptures.

The ability to direct others to verses of scripture that will encourage them or help them get through the trials of life only comes through our personal knowledge of God's Word. As does the ability to explain why Christians believe as we do. Both of these are important to a fruitful, successful Christian life.

Has anyone ever asked what Easter is all about? Or who Jesus claimed to be? Or why we think Jesus really is God's Son? The answer to these and many other questions about creation, honesty, integrity, marriage, parenthood and so much more can be found in the words. But you have to read those words to know that—and to be able to share them.

With the abundance of Bible reading guides and Bible study tools available, anyone can study and understand the Bible. Maybe you would enjoy keeping a journal or as you study the Word. That way, when you find a verse that speaks to your heart, you can make not of it and find it again, or share it with someone else who could use the same encouragement.

While some people say the language of the Bible is hard to read, that doesn't have to be the case any more. There are many wonderful, scholarly translations that can be trusted for their authenticity and that are much easier to read and understand than the traditional King James version.

There are even Bibles geared specifically to children that make it easy for them to understand the Word as well. And it's never too early to start reading the Bible to your child and teaching her to read it for herself. In fact, starting young makes it much easier to make daily Bible reading a habit that will last a lifetime. Teach your child principles of biblical living and how God wants them to live will give them strength to stand against false teachings and better discern what is true and false as they grow.

The adage that "knowledge is power" is a true one, and it applies very much to Bible reading. The more knowledge you and your family has about God's Word, the more strength and power you have to stand firm on what you believe, regardless of what situations you may face.

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  1. It is so important for children to learn about God's truths since early age. Great post! I Read a similar article with some hands on tips to teach children about the Bible. I highly recommend it too!