Thursday, January 14, 2010

Regret-Free Living by Stephen Arterburn

Regret-Free Living by Stephen ArterburnWhile I've heard of Stephen Arterburn for years, I have to admit that Regret-Free Living is the first of his books that I've read. Now, I've found a new author.

Expecting a dry, preachy discourse about "moving on," I was very pleasantly surprised to find this book laugh-out-loud funny in places and filled with practical ideas for living without regret.

Like everyone else, I've done things I would change if I could, but sadly, can't. Using examples from his own life, as well as illustrations from others, Arterburn reminds us that we're all in the same shape and that letting go of what we can't change makes for a much happier and more peaceful life.

The writing is honest and open, holding back none of--what I would consider--embarrassment or pain of past mistakes. That takes a lot of courage, which I admire. And to do so with humor, drives his point home without hitting us over the head with it.

Definitely worth the read. I give this one five stars!

(I received this book free as a reviewer for Bethany House.)

Purchase Regret-Free Living.

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