Monday, April 5, 2010

Always Head in the Right Direction

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Photo Courtesy morgueFileMotorcycle, Bicycle and Tricycle were motoring down the Highway of Life.

They had left the glory and power of Easter, and they were headed toward the National Day of Prayer.

Along the way, they saw many beautiful, natural wonders - waterfalls, forests, rivers and mountains. After about a week, Four Wheel Car joined the caravan.

The foursome sang songs of liberty and happiness and shared stories of God’s provision and protection. “One day, a little doggie ran in front of me,” recalled Motorcycle. “God helped me to stop so I didn’t hit the little fella.”

“I was rolling through my neighborhood one Sunday afternoon, and a huge car tired to run me over,” said Tricycle. “But God was watching over me, and I did an emergency U-Turn. Within just a few moments, I was safe at home in my driveway.”

Unicycle joined the group several days after Four Wheel Car became a member. “Most of the time, I’m a loner,” Unicycle aid. “But you guys sounded so smooth and mellow as you were singing your easy listening gospel music that I just had to tag along.”

“We’re happy to welcome you,” said Tricycle. “Life’s road is sometimes difficult, and we can never have too many friends.”

Eighteen-Wheeler was rolling by, and he heard Tricycle’s comments. “I’d like to join the group,” said the Big Rig. “I’m tired of traveling the road all by myself. And since I’m so much bigger and faster than some of you, if we ever need to get somewhere in a hurry, all of you can hop inside and we can arrive at our destination in no time.”

Two-Wheel-Scooter eventually became the group’s final member. “What took you so long to join?,” asked Four Wheel Car.

“I’m not one to join too many groups,” Two-Wheel-Scooter replied. “But I’m sure glad I’m joining this one.”

The group of vehicles pulled into the parking area of a service station. “Those of us with engines must fill our tanks with the purest fuel available,” said Four Wheel Car.

“And add the proper fluids to keep the windshields clean,” added Eighteen-Wheeler.

“Don’t forget to check the pressure in your tires,” said Bicycle.

Unicycle told the group’s other members that she had made an observation. “We are all different shapes, sizes, and colors,” she said. “We look at life from a variety of perspectives. Some of us can travel faster than others, and we have been given talents to use for God’s glory.

“But what’s the most fascinating to me is that everything will always turn out OK on the Highway of Life because all of us are headed in the right direction. And if we continue to head in the right direction, we’ll always know where we’re going when we get there!”

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