Monday, May 3, 2010

Unborn baby comes to life in paintings

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Photo Courtesy morgueFileThad bowed his heart before the Sovereign Lord as bedtime approached.

“Thanks for a great day, Heavenly Father,” Thad prayed. “I had a super day at work, and tonight’s church service was wonderful.”

Thad spent a couple of minutes adjusting his sheet and blanket. He closed his eyes and, within a few minutes, he was fast asleep.

Thad possessed a great creativity which manifested itself in the form of dreams. On this night, Thad’s creative juices flowed as an artist. Thad’s dreams were so real that when he awoke, the creative talents he experienced in his dreams manifested themselves in real life for about a week.

Thad’s week as an artist was very productive. He painted portraits of his favorite presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He painted a vivid illustration of God’s Creation. And he drew a series of paintings depicting the progression of growth of an unborn baby in the womb.

The drawing from which Thad derived the most enjoyment was the one depicting the unborn baby acting and reacting, eating, praying, playing and sleeping. Even after his week of excelling as an artist, Thad couldn’t get Baby Thomas off his mind.

Thad decided to produce a series of paintings featuring Baby Thomas. And although most of Thad’s artistic ability had waned within a week of his dream, he discovered he could still paint very vivid images of Baby Thomas.

One of the Baby Thomas paintings featured the infant sucking his right thumb. In another painting, Baby Thomas bowed his head, worshipping the Creator.

Since people all over town were talking about the Baby Thomas paintings, Thad decided to open a small shop where the paintings could be displayed.

The Internet had become a popular communications tool, so Thad made a list of his favorite social networking sites. They were his favorites because he had started all of them. He used these sites to promote the opening of his shop.

The day for the shop’s grand opening soon arrived. A large crowd, including several visitors from surrounding states, showed up for the event. Thad gave away several door prices: Dinner-for-two at a popular steakhouse, a new TV, and a Bible.

After giving away the door prizes, Thad expressed this appreciation to attendees. He gestured toward one of the paintings on the wall. Baby Thomas’ head was moving up and down. He was wearing a big grin, and he was winking at the crowd, first with one eye, then the other.

Most of the crowd didn’t even see Baby Thomas’ movements in the painting, but Thurmond was very observant. Thurmond told Thad, You do a very good job of bringing a painting to life.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Thad said. “Just wait until he starts doing jumping jacks!”

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  1. Love your blog! Thank you so much for drawing attention to the Sanctity of Life. You can help cover the unborn with prayer by posting this prayer request to your blog's side panel.

    Many Blessings!
    A Mom :-)