Monday, February 4, 2008

Think on Good Things

More and more lately I realize how important it is to my inner peace that I guard my mind against negative thinking. Maybe you don't consider this important, but having been raised in a very negative atmosphere, it's critical to my sanity to think on good things.

My childhood included a lot of name calling and emotional abuse. For a sensitive child who never felt loved, negativity impacted me in profound ways that I didn't understand until many years after I became a Christian. Having been raised to think that it was perfectly normal to argue all the time, to complain and find fault with everything that touched my life, it took a long time for Jesus to rid me of those "demons."

I wanted to be calm, loving, accepting of others. But I found it too easy to slip back into old patterns of negative thought... which led to negative words, and ultimately, negative actions.

By God's grace, I've learned that I have to stop those thoughts in their tracks, so to speak, and quickly change the way I'm thinking--the things I'm saying to myself and allowing to "roll around" in my brain. I have to truly take every thought into captivity (2 Corinthians 10:5) because out of the issues of my heart, my mouth does indeed speak (Proverbs 4:23).

The type of things I choose to think about, good or bad, affect what I say, which in turn, affects how I feel, how I act and more. If I think on good things such as the blessings God has given me, the hope I have in Him and in my life because of Him, the prayers He's answering, and the love that surrounds me, I feel blessed. I feel hopeful. I have faith. And life is good.

If on the other hand, I think on negative things such as my body aches, or my money struggles, or my discouragements and disappointments... then my head hurts, my stomach churns, I get cranky and impatient, and--if I keep it up--depression follows.

WHY would I choose to feel that way?!

Scripture tells us to "think on good things" (Philippians 4:8). There's a reason for that. Our Creator knows how negative thinking affects our lives. I pray our Lord will help me (and you!) to focus on Him and the abundance of blessings He brings into our lives everyday...
• A loving spouse
• A church to love and care for
• Plenty of material blessings
• A warm home
• Good friends
• Sunshine and clouds
• Rain and snow
• Music
• Laughter
• A business I enjoy
• SO much more!

And I trust Him to answer that prayer. Doesn't it make you feel better just reading that short list of the good things He gives us?

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  1. Reading that list made me feel optimistic. Positive thinking is a powerful thing.