Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ways to Get Articles Without Writing Them

Need original website content? Fresh articles for your ezines? Bylined writing that you can submit to other publishers? Don't we all! And while you may think the only way to acquire quality content you can use is to write it yourself, there are several other ways to produce articles without having to write them.

Using a ghostwriter is one way, using private label rights articles you have bought is another option and doing an expert interview is yet a third way to generate quality articles for your ezine or website.

Summarizing another article is yet another way to provide content for readers. Give the original author credit within the body of your article and quote the article, or several articles, to create something new and unique.

This is a can't lose situation for everyone. You don't need to actually write an article, the writer who wrote the original article gets free publicity, and the reader gets fresh information they want or need. Everybody wins.

Using public domain articles related to your subject is one more option. Permission from the author to use their work isn't necessary, but letting your reader know where the content originated will keep their trust. Don't try to pass the words off as your own.

Use survey results from a self-conducted survey as an article. This means you'll have to write a little, but compiling the results and turning it into a fast article is easy and is not very time-consuming. You can create surveys through Survey Monkey at http://www.surveymonkey.com.

Use government provided information. Articles written by United States Government authors are automatically in the public domain. The government is a prolific writer on a wide variety of topics. Visit any United States Government website and you will be greatly surprised with the amount of information that is free for the taking.

As you can see, providing quality articles without writing a single word, or with just a bit of writing is possible. The information and means is there. Use them to your profit and success.

Darlene "Dee" Bishop is a writer and creative designer with decades on online experience and the owner of Bishop's Corner, an online/catalog shop offering hundreds of quality gifts, home decor items, toys, housewares, furniture and more with nearly 1,000 products under $20. Visit her today at http://BishopsTN.com


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