Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's All in God's Plan

Sunday was our last week as co-pastors of the Mayland Church of the Nazarene in Crossville, TN. Greg and I will be returning to Knoxville to see what God has for the next phase of our ministry - and our life!

We leave with mixed feelings. Actually, I've already done my grieving for the change. We had hoped that God would continue to use us there, and we came close to staying longer than we should have. But after much prayer and thought and discussion, we listened to the Holy Spirit and turned in our resignation. It's amazing the peace that filled us both as soon as we made that decision.

Is God speaking to you about His plan for your life? Chances are good that He is. The thing is... are you listening? Or are you, like Greg and I for awhile, trying to fit your concept of what His plan is into the events taking shape in your life?

Sometimes we think that once God sets a plan in place, that's the plan for eternity. And with some things - our salvation by faith through grace, for example - that's true. But often God has a plan in place to use us for a particular purpose and once that purpose has been fulfilled, it's time to move on to the next plan. That's where Greg and I have found ourselves many times. Most recently in our pastorate at Mayland.

If you're struggling to find God's peace, even though you think you're in the center of His will for your life, I encourage you to ask Him to show you clearly what His current plan for you is. He will. And you'll find that peace you so hunger for. Try Him and see.


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