Thursday, March 5, 2009

Miracle Online Healing

A few years back, Greg had been complaining of chest pains for several weeks. He kept trying to brush off his concern, taking antacids to eliminate the symptoms. But we were concerned.

Greg's family has a strong history of heart disease. His dad died of a heart attack at age 53, a brother of one at 49, a sister of one in her mid-50's I believe, and four other siblings had suffered some kind of heart-related problems requiring medication or surgery.

Finally, one night when the pain became severe, I insisted he have it checked out. Within minutes we had arrived at the emergency room of our local hospital and were waiting for a doctor to examine him.

Thankfully, they told us his heart looked fine, but they diagnosed him with gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as GERD, or acid reflux. Acid reflux is a condition where the stomach contents "reflux" (return) back to the esophagus causing inflammation that can - in the worst cases - damage the esophageal lining, and in the least cause extreme discomfort. The chest pains Greg experienced, which felt like they could be a heart attack, are a common symptom of GERD. The ER physician prescribed antacids and sent us home with instructions to visit our family doctor as soon as possible.

The next morning, we called Dr. England's office for an appointment. As soon as the doctor heard Greg's symptoms, he agreed that he was suffering from GERD and prescribed Prilosec, which at that time was the only medicine available to treat this condition. It seemed a miracle cure.

The chest pains were immediately gone, Greg was able to eat most anything again without undue problems, and we were thrilled that the illness was so easy to treat.

Fast forward five years...

Greg, who is an upholsterer, began having terrible pains in both arms. He managed the pain with Ibuprofen for awhile, but when that started to lose its effectiveness, back to the doctor he went.

This time Dr. England prescribed a prescription anti-inflammatory, but Greg couldn't take it without getting sick, even when he ate a full meal. He switched back to Ibuprofen, but the relief didn't last long enough. He'd be okay for a couple hours after taking a dose, but then the pain would return. We were afraid of the side effects to his stomach since Ibuprofen is known to cause ulcers if used in excess. The doctor ordered x-rays and other tests which revealed nothing unusual. Each time Greg saw him, Dr. England suggested that it could be Greg's work causing the problem. We didn't know what to do since he couldn't quit working.

Meanwhile, the pain in his arms had become so bad that he couldn't even lift his arms over his head. He said it felt as if he had two-hundred pound bags strapped to his arms. The only relief he found came when he was sitting in his recliner in our living room, letting his arms lay limp in his lap. He couldn't do anything without tremendous pain. His arms were virtually useless.

We began to worry that Greg would have to change his line of work. For a 50 plus year-old man, that possibility was terribly frightening. What kind of career change could he make at his age? Who would want to hire him? Along with the pain itself, the stress was becoming increasingly unbearable.

As people of faith, Greg and I had been praying for God to heal his pain. But we then began to pray earnestly that God would reveal a solution to us as to what the underlying cause of the pain was. We needed to know why he was experiencing this pain so we could learn how to eliminate it!

One day I felt a strong urge to look up Prilosec on the Internet. By this time, Greg had been taking the drug nearly six years. I wondered if maybe there was some kind of side effect that could be causing him problems.

Sure enough, on one of the medical sites describing the drug, I found a list of rare side effects. I was shocked to see that it included severe pain in the arms or legs! I called Greg at work.

"You need to stop taking Prilosec immediately!" I told him. Of course, he wanted to know why. The drug had been such a tremendous help in treating his reflux.

I explained what I'd found and printed off some information for him to read when he got home. By that time I was becoming convinced that this could be the solution we'd sought. That night, after reading several pages I'd printed from the 'Net, Greg agreed it was worth a try. He skipped his dosage the next day, and he's never taken another dose of that particular "purple pill" since.

Within two days, the pain had lessened. He could move his arms without hurting and the feeling of carrying around heavy weights began to reside. Within two weeks, Greg was completely healed... No More Pain! We were thrilled, to say the least!

We thank God for directing us to this solution and we know that the Internet is what made finding our answer accessible. Without it, we might never have discovered this little known side effect that even our doctor was unaware of.


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