Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plain Speech

I think I'm becoming an activist in my old(er) age. When I was younger, I never cared much about what was going on around me, and I certainly never felt the need to get involved in correcting wrongs and helping others to think clearly. Maybe that was in my pre-Christian days, 100 or so years ago.

But I've certainly changed.

Today, I'm so concerned about the direction America is going that I'm involved in a local Meetup group that grew out of response to Glen Beck's 912 Project.

And today I'm so concerned about the direction the Church is going that I've been researching (and will be reporting) what the Emergent church movement is doing.

I've certainly changed. But I believe it's change for the good.

Jesus was very outspoken about what He knew to be truth. He was actually very outspoken, period. Always in a loving way, but outspoken nonetheless. And I want to be like Jesus. Not offensive, but not afraid to speak the truth in love.

Be prepared for more plain speech coming from this blog. As I said, I've been studying the Emergent and emerging church. There will be more info on that as I know more and can share.

Until then, I encourage your comments and feelings on both of these matters - the state of our country and the state of the Church. And I covet your prayers as I lend you mine. We need to stand strong right now. The days are getting short and our Lord will return soon. Will He find us faithful?


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