Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are Churches Still Holding Revivals?

Used to be there was a revival at some area church about every week. Nowadays, it's rare to see a revival notice. What's going on?

I know that many pastors guard their pulpits very closely. They don't feel comfortable allowing just anyone to preach. And that's a good thing! The Bible directs us to test the spirits to be sure they are of God (1 John 4:1). We need to be convinced that those who preach from our pulpits (where we have authority and for which we are responsible) are true to the Word, trustworthy and faithful. That's understandable.

But most denominations, I assume, have their own evangelists. The Church of the Nazarene does. And there are many unassigned district licensed ministers (Greg and I are two) who also preach and hold revivals. So why isn't the church making use of these people of God to spread the Word within our denomination at least?

Could it be that we are so programmed with activities throughout the week that we don't have time to hold special services and add additional time constraints to our already full calendars? Or maybe our people just don't have the commitment to attend? (I know the attendance at the last revival we held when we pastored in Crossville was very low - and that was with one of the best evangelists in the Church!). Certainly, it's not that we don't need revival. Our world today proves that we need it more than ever.

Maybe there are reasons that my pea-sized brain doesn't grasp. Whatever the case, I pray that God's people begin to seek revival for their own hearts and for their churches!

On that note... Greg and I would love to hold a revival for your church! We never charge a fee, we only ask that our lodging be provided and that the church take a love-offering to cover our travel expenses. Other than that, we'll go to any size church and help in any way we can (a week, 4-5 days or even a weekend). Let us know if we can serve you. We love to minister in Jesus' name and meet our brothers and sisters in Christ who are scattered across the US.


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