Monday, February 9, 2009

Prayer and God's Confirmations

You may be aware that Greg and I are no longer pastoring, and for pastors, that's a tough spot to be in. But we decided Saturday that we'll get very serious and very specific in prayer, asking God exactly what direction He would have us go.

Of course, we've been praying, but nothing as specific as what we both agreed to this weekend. We began praying specifically about whether or not we should move to another district since there are no churches open in East Tennessee.

This morning, Greg got up before me (as he usually does) and made coffee (as he usually does). While it was brewing, he sat down to read his devotional from Charles Spurgeon's Morning and Evening. The topic of the devotional was on waiting. Basically, wait and let God work, don't do anything that might take you out of God's will or put you in front of His plan.

After he got me up and we had our morning time together, he left for work. So I sat down to have my personal devotional time. Guess what the topic was... you're right! Wait on the Lord.

Now, of course, we've been waiting - what else could we do? But while we were waiting, we haven't been waiting very patiently. These simple reminders, however, encouraged us both and seemed to confirm that God hasn't forgotten us, even though we feel like He has at time. It's wonderful to be reminded that He's still working in our lives and that He does still have a plan for us. We needed to hear that from Him.

Do you ever feel that way? Ever feel like you just need God to re-confirm His word in your life? He will if you ask Him... and wait for His answer. Let me know what He's saying to you.


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