Friday, February 6, 2009

Better Understanding

I finished 90 Minutes in Heaven yesterday. And I have to say that I feel I better understand why Don Piper went through what he went through (see my earlier post Understanding God if you're wondering what I mean).

Rev. Piper saw something that few - if any - other people have ever seen... Heaven. Then he was returned to earth to suffer excruciating pain and turmoil. While, prior to finishing the book, I struggled with why God would allow that, it seems to me that Piper's experiences have been such a blessing to SO many people, it's easier for me now to accept God's decision. (Not that I questioned His right to make that decision, in my humanity, I simply couldn't grasp God's reasoning.)

According to the book, the glories of Heaven that Rev. Piper saw were so amazing they sustained him through a lot of what he had to face. And his testimony continues to bless others to this day! What he witnessed gives comfort and peace to people facing death or suffering grief from the loss of a loved one. He wouldn't be able to share that testimony without his trip to Heaven.

And he can understand pain and suffering better than most people will ever understand it! Because he's been there. What a blessing to those like the teenage boy mentioned in the book who was hurting so bad, and suffering such emotional trauma. This man - who had faced the same pain and turmoil - was able to encourage him in a way that no one else could. What a blessing! What a fulfillment of a need! But, of course, God knew that need and send the fulfillment - even when we humans didn't grasp why.

I encourage you to read this book... and finish it! Don't stop in the middle thinking God left this man dangling. Read it all and discover the end of the story. After all, isn't that where our encouragement lies... at the end of this life when we see for ourselves that what Don Piper told us about Heaven is real?!


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