Thursday, February 12, 2009

Want to Study the Bible?

Are you aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free Bible studies available to anyone who's interested? There are online studies that you simply read to learn more. There are studies where you can submit answers and have them "graded." There are printed studies that you can request to have mailed to you. There's even free software to help you study the Word from the comfort of your office or laptop. If you want help to study the Bible and learn more about God's word, you can easily find help with a simple online search.

While I think this is wonderful, my cautious nature wants to offer a word of warning as well... Please be careful.

As we noted yesterday, the Bible instructs us to test the Spirits and know they are from God. Anyone can put up a website or a blog and offer a "free Bible study." If you request study materials from someone you don't know, please be sure that what you're studying is really the Bible - look up the passages for yourself. Compare them to other passages you find on the same topic. And be sure that the answers or comments you receive from the study are truly biblical. Study the Word, not just the study you receive.

Knowing more about God's Word is a blessing, and a necessity if we're to understand how He wants us to live. The Bible is God's guidebook for His children (that's us, if we call ourselves Christian). So studying the Bible is good. We just need to be cautious so that we're truly hearing what God has to say to us, and not being influenced by false doctrine or man's teachings.

With that said, if you'd like to study the Word with me, let me know. I'm always open to sharing what God lays on my heart and hearing what God is saying to others. It thrills me to learn more about God and His Word and I'd love to share that blessing with you as well.


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