Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Should Your Church Have a Website?

• To let people know you exist.
• To show you've moved into the 21st century.
• To find new prospects.
• To share the plan of salvation with those who may never enter a church.
• To share sermons, devotionals, Christian articles, etc.
• To keep the community informed of upcoming events.
• To encourage Bible reading.
• To accept and share prayer requests.
• To let people know more about your pastor(s).
• To provide fun, weekly interaction among members.
• To ofer free games, puzzles, crafts, etc. to your children and teens.
• To provide directions on how to contact you or locate the church for services.

I offer a three page church website design for only $50. At that price, why wouldn't your church have a website?

Contact me to order yours today!


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