Friday, March 19, 2010

Dude Ranch Bans Texting While Horseback Riding

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Photo Courtesy PicasaWeb.comThe Jesus Loves Everyone Christian Dude Ranch prided itself in making all of its visitors as comfortable as possible.

The ranch allowed guests to bring radios, TVs and other electronics with them.

"We encourage our guests to bring their Christian CDs, movies and other praise-and-worship tools," said Tex, the ranch's foreman. "We want everyone to grow closer to the Lord, and these types of things can help us to accomplish that goal."

Guests were permitted to share a bunkhouse with their pets. "It's purr-fectly fine to bring your cat with you," said Rex, the manager of the "People and Their Pets Department.”

"And your precious pooch, too," agreed Lex, Rex’s assistant.

The ranch boasted a wonderful restaurant, which specialized in custom-ordered meals. The motto of Rexanna, the manager, was “A happy visitor is a well-fed visitor!"

The ranch, however, banned cell phone use while horseback riding. "It's too dangerous," reasoned Tex.

Roy and Roberta had been engaged for more than one year before they were married. They both loved old western movies and horses, so they decided to visit Jesus Loves Everyone Christian Dude Ranch on their honeymoon.

The couple arrived at the ranch, ate supper and turned in for the night. Roy and Roberta awoke at 5 a.m. After eating a huge breakfast, they went to one of the ranch's many corrals and selected the horses they wanted to ride down the Honeymoon Trail.

Roy was riding an appaloosa named "Appy," and Roberta was aboard a palamino named "Pallie."

The hours went flying by, because Roy and Roberta were having so much fun. About an hour before supper, the couple decided to return to the restaurant for a relaxing meal.

"I'll race you back to the restaurant," said Roy.

"First one back has to buy supper," grinned Roberta, as she spurred "Pallie" into a gallop.

"Pallie" heard a faint unusual noise, and the horse reared up on his hind legs, throwing Roberta to the ground.

Prior to being unceremoniously dumped on the trail, Roberta had used her cell phone to text Roy, “I love you.” The sound of Roberta's thumbs against the cell phone's keys had spooked the horse.

Roberta's minor injuries were treated at the ranch's mini-hospital. "You'll be fine," said Dr. Renee.

The ranch, as a result of Roberta's accident, decided to change its cell phone usage policy. Realizing that cell phones could come in handy to call for help, Tex decided that the official policy of only using cell phones after guests had retired for the evening would undergo one minor change.

The foreman chuckled as he told Roy and Roberta that the policy would include the following statement: "You may have your cell phone with you while horseback riding only if you know ahead of time that you're going to have an emergency!"

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