Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every Day is Thanksgiving Day

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Photo Courtesy morgueFile.comOnce upon a time in the Official Land of Thanksgiving, lived a man who was truly thankful for his blessings, although he occasionally experienced a bump on the Road of Life.

ThanksAlot, who was always promoting the advantages of living in the Official Land of Thanksgiving, was special to the Lord because of his attitude of gratitude.

One morning, ThanksAlot prayed, “Thanks a lot, Lord, for a good night‘s sleep. Thanks a lot for letting me live in a free country. And thanks a lot for sending Jesus Christ, your Son, into the world to die on the cross for my sins.”

After breakfast, ThanksAlot walked outside, got into his car and drove to work. When he arrived, ThanksAlot ran into one of life’s minor bumps on the Road of Life - someone had parked in his assigned parking space. Because ThanksAlot was considered the hardest worker at his place of employment, his supervisor had granted his request to paint his parking space his favorite color - green.

ThanksAlot parked in a space near the rear of the parking lot. “Thanks, Lord, for helping me to find this parking space, “ he said. “Thanks a lot.”

“You’re a couple minutes late this morning,” observed Alwayz Thankful, the receptionist.

“Someone else parked in my space this morning,” replied ThanksAlot.

“Yes, I know,” said Alwayz Thankful. “That’s my car. I’ve been promoted to your position, so it’s now my parking space. By the way, the company president, Thank U. Lord, wants to see you right away.”

ThanksAlot walked down the hallway and knocked on Thank U. Lord’s door. “Come in,” said Thank U. Lord.

“Am I in trouble, Sir?,” asked ThanksAlot. “Alwayz Thankful said she has been promoted to my job, and she parked in my parking spot.”

“No, you’re not in trouble,” said Thank U. Lord. “You’re doing such a great job of promoting our town that I am promoting you to a newly created position. You’re going to be our new Officer of Public Thanksgiving. Your job will be to build an army of thankful people within our corporation.

“This army will encourage everyone else in our corporation, as well as in our great nation, to both publicly and privately, express their thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for his continual blessings.”

“We’re giving you your own car, and you’ll have a new indoor parking spot next to your office. You’re getting a new salary of $250,000 per year.

“Thanks, Sir,” said ThanksAlot. “Thanks a lot.”

ThanksAlot left the building and walked to his car. He entered the vehicle, and bowed his head. “Thanks a lot, Lord, for your blessings of today,” he prayed.

“You’re welcome, ThanksAlot,” replied the Lord. “I appreciate your heart of thankfulness and praise. Thanks for your continued faithfulness to me every day. Thanks, my child. Thanks a lot!”

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