Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Members of Animal Kingdom See Need for Attitude Adjustment

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Photo Courtesy morgueFileSeveral members of the animal kingdom met in the center of the forest to discuss each other’s faults.

Kang A. Roo complained to Stink E. Skunk about a certain odor that the little black-and-white critter occasionally shared with everyone.

“You must do something about that terrible smell,” said Kang. “It’s polluting my air space.”

“You’re always hopping mad about something,” said Stink.

“Yeah,” agreed Dear the Deer. “ And we think you need a slight attitude adjustment.”

“What sort of an attitude adjustment do you have in mind?,” asked Kang.

“Oh, nothing too severe,” said Stink. “I think we should have you spell out ‘My attitude needs adjusting’ in the dirt 500 times.”

Several other animals joined the discussion and aired their own ideas for changing Kang’s attitude.

Buzz Ard dropped in to look for a snack that she was hoping had fallen on the ground. Overhearing the conversation, she suggested that Kang could change his attitude by doing a good deed for at least one animal every day. “If you’re thinking of others, you won’t be thinking of yourself as much,” she said. “And that may result in a transformation of your attitude.”

“I have an idea,” said Stripe the Tiger. “I think you should spend a whole day walking around the forest looking for animals that are wounded. You can take them to the animal hospital. You’ll gain a fabulous feeling on the inside, and I think your attitude will be changed, too.”

Goe Ferr was the next animal to offer a solution to Kang’s problem. “My idea is for you to give some of your Animal Forest Animal Kash to help repair the Animal Forest Elementary School,” said Goe Ferr.

Kang felt he had heard enough ideas to rehabilitate his attitude. “I’ve had a very long day, and I’m going home, have a relaxing dinner and go to bed,” he said. “But I’ll listen to one more suggestion before I leave.”

Leopard was eager to make her voice heard. “I have a question and a suggestion,” she said. “My question is, ‘Do you really want to change?’”

“Well, I don’t really see that my attitude is a very big problem, so I don’t plan to change it much anytime soon,” Kang replied.

“Then it will do no good to share my suggestion, because as I know very well, it is impossible for a leopard to change its spots, so I guess it‘s impossible for a kangaroo to change a hopping-mad attitude,” said Leopard.

“OK, I may need a very small attitude adjustment,” Kang admitted. “But since all of you seem to be so concerned about my attitude, I think your attitude needs an attitude adjustment!”

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