Monday, March 29, 2010

Watch Your Aim When Throwing Verbal Darts

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Photo Courtesy morgueFile.comRamsey and Rose were teenagers who lived in a huge metropolis where some teens were known for hurling insults at visitors, relatives, friends, enemies and everyone else. Sometimes they even stood in front of the mirror and called themselves names.

Rose and Ramsey, who had known each other since kindergarten, especially enjoyed throwing verbal darts at all the senior citizens and young children they met.

The two friends became known as the Verbal Dart Throwers Club. They enjoyed throwing those fiery darts so much that they held a special meeting to come up with an idea that would greatly enhance their evil efforts.

Rose considered herself the leader of the club, and Ramsey seemed content to play along with that notion. During the meeting, Rose suggested a drastic change in their mode of operation. "Instead of continuing to toss verbal darts at everyone, why don't we begin saying nice things?," she asked.

"Where did you get such an idea?," asked Ramsey. "Aren't you afraid our reputations will be ruined by such a big change in the way we do things?"

"Absolutely not!," exclaimed Rose. "That's the beauty of the plan. People will be so shocked that they won't know what to think. Then when everyone thinks we've become goody-goody, we'll just go back to our old ways."

"When do you want to start this new and improved plan?," asked Ramsey.

"The sooner the better," said Rose. "I can't wait to see how well this little scheme works."

The next afternoon after school, Ramsey and Rose met at their local mall, their usual location for verbal dart hurling. As they were walking into the mall, Ramsey taped a piece of paper to the back of Rose's jacket.

Rose walked up to a man named Ron, flashed her most charming smile and said, "Good afternoon, Sir. That's a very beautiful tie you're wearing."

Without waiting for a reply, Rose bounced over to a woman named Rexanna, who was pushing a baby carriage. "Your baby has the most beautiful red hair," Rose said.

Rexanna replied, "You can't fool me with your goody-goody act. I've seen you here on numerous occasions, and I've observed you when you were being yourself...not putting on an act!"

"How did you know that I'm putting on an act this time?," inquired Rose.

"Because someone wrote a message on the back of your coat...It says 'ACTRESS,'" said Rexanna.

Rose realized that Ramsey had played a trick on her. "I'm really going to try to stop throwing those verbal darts," she said. "Sometimes they have a tendency to hit you instead of the person you're aiming at!"

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